Photography Tip: Cementaries In Poland

Shot With The DC-FZ82 March 2017 @Rakowickie Cementarz, Krakow, Poland
(ƒ/7.1 1/100 20.5 mm ISO 80)

One of the great things about Poland from a photography perspective are its cementaries. Yeah that sounds a bit morbid, but it really isn’t. When I bought my Lumix DC-FZ82 a Polish friend ordered me to go to one of the most famous cementaries in Poland: Rakowicki accross the historical university (Akademia Ekonomiczny) located in the heart of Krakow.

At the time I didn’t understand why but when I arrived on chilly, but crisp March afternoon I immediately understood. Polish people care for their late loved ones. Cementaties are maintained very well, family graves are regularly cleaned and provided with a fresh supply of flowers. Rakowicki is a massive cementary, with loads a trees and unlike many parts of Krakow isn’t surrounded by massive blocks of flats, which allows for natural light to roam free.

At the time I just bought my camera so the shots are bit rough but still provides you a good indication. Sadly I don’t have any pictures from All-Saints as all cementaries accross Poland are light with candles.


    1. Thanks for the compliment,much appreciated!
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      By the way I like your side, very colorful and captivating. Keep up the good work

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