The Camera Journey: Lumix DMC-LX100

In my previous post I discussed my first camera the DC-FZ82 (1200mm build-in lens!!), which is a great camera but at a certain stage my own needs started to change. One of the biggest frustrations I have had and continue to have with various Bridge & Systems cameras is the way that you operate them. The DC-FZ82 required extensive menu calibration for certain shots plus the touchpad is in the body itself made it somewhat annoying when you’re shooting that your nose is touching the screen and before you know your focus area changes.

Another point is, which is purely relating to me, that I really like to manually control the aperture, shutterspeed, exposure value (EV). Basically I was searching for a digital camera with analogue controls!

I decided to stay with Panasonic Lumix and after extensive searching I found the Lumix DMC-LX100 (2014 model). As it is an older model it comes at a price between $500 & $700 depending where you order it. In 2018 Panasonic launched the Lumix DMC-LX100II.

What do you get with the Lumix DMC-LX100(2014)

  • 13MP – Four Thirds CMOS Sensor
  • ISO 200 – 25600
  • 24-75 mm F1.7-2.8 Zoom Lens
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • 3″ Fixed Type Screen
  • 2764k dot Electronic viewfinder
  • 11.0 fps continuous shooting
  • 4K – video resolution
  • Built-in Wireless
  • 393g (it is a bit heavy)

Panasonic and Olympus have one thing in common: both use MFT (Micro Four Third) Lenses read more here as the DMC-LX100 comes with a build-in lens 24-75mm lens.

The moment I opened the box and started using the camera it was just such an eye-opener. The camera, allbeit compact, feels good, even a bit heavy. Once I started shooting with it, the following impressed me as a beginner:

  • Quality of pictures (despite 13mp)
  • Manual Controls (It has taught me more about photography than any youtube tutorial)
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to carry with you

The downsides are:

  • No Touch Display: control via the wheel on the body
  • Display is build-into body (pitty really)
  • Optic Zoom (only three times)
  • Not weather sealed.
  • Lens is build-in (if it would come with a lensmount I’d be permanently sold)

Overall the camera ranks remarkbly well (top 10% overall) read more here

I own both the LX100 and G7, whilst their perfomance and capabilities are almost equal except for the build-in lens (DMCLX100)

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