Lumix DMC-LX100: Portrait Photography

One of the things I love most in photography is a well taken portrait shot. It is an art. So obviously I tried my hand at it, toghether with my lovely daughter.

The basics what you need: A Tripod (doesn’t have to be expensive) and Lighting. I bought a simple set online for less than $30. It isn’t super quality but enough for an amateur like me.

So I had my tripod set up in the living room, my additional light (a photo special daylight bulb which I ordered on Amazon) I mounted my favo camera fiddled with the settings to get full warm colours and started shooting.

My first shots were taken with my head facing the window and even with the counter lighting the picture became very under exposed. Need not fear the DMC-LX100 has manual EV corrections so let’s brighten up that baby. Wrong! Didn’t work as well as I would have hoped.

Photography 101 tip: Shoot with the sun in your back (of the camera perspective) Now I positioned myself in front of the lens, the lighting directed towards my face and my daugher firing the camera like an uzi.

One of the best articles about lightening I found two days ago I wished I had read earlier give a great view on lightening and the basics of it. I highly recommend it! 6 Portrait Lightening Patterns)

As you’r probably dying by now, how did the shoot work out for me, well you be the judge. The next shoot I’ll take some of the tips on ligthening patterns to heart!

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