Lumix Photo Story: Perspective and Vanishing Point

I love taking shots with a great perspective. I really feel a good shot needs to have a certain type of emptiness or destitute. I think all of us see the perspective but it is difficult enough to capture the shot or to make it look even better than it is in real life.

As you know I shoot with three different Lumix Cameras (DC-FZ82, LX100 and G-7) and to be honest all three takes excellent pictures when it comes to perspective. The benefit of shooting with three different camera’s with (very) different lenses is that you can see some of the differences.

Where the DC-FZ82, because of the zoom lens, good at getting the extend of the perspective right, both the G7 & LX100 produce better image quality.

One of the main obsessions I have in photography is Perspective (followed by Lightening and Depth of Field). I love a picture with a great perspective. I am talking about “normal” perspective not forced perspective. 

I will share my three favo perspective shots which all three include a Vanishing Point

As you can see two pictures taken with the same camera @Rotterdam Station (The Netherlands) early morning. I focussed on the tracks exiting the station. Shot the left shot in my customer made mode (P button) and the rightshot with the monochrome option from the preset filters

This picure I took on a bridge that crosses various railways tracks. I love the abstract feel of the construction and ground lines that slow slide into oblivion

The trick is to develop an eye for perspective, I am told that I am blessed with a good eye for it, that said I often slap myself in the head if I realised I missed a great shot because I recognised the opportunity to late. Great locations are Airports, Trainstations, Old Buildings in general, specifically old government and bank buildings, forrests or canyons/mountains are great hunting grounds.

Two shots taken during autumn. The left one with the LX100 and the right one with the DC-FZ82. I love the colours in both, mind you these pictures are not retouched in LR or any other photo editing software.

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That is it for today.

Ps: I am current experimenting with video filming on the G-7

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