Lumix DC-FZ82: Animal Photography

The Lumix DC-FZ82, you know the big zoom lens with a camera body build around it? Yeah that one! Well it is my first camera and I have put it to the test on various occassion but I think my best experience had to be shooting in Antwerp Zoo.

The reasons are simple: I did manage to get some great shots and it proved that the FZ82 is perfect camera for nature and sport photography. Obviously you can’t expect superiour photo quality but it does provide with some awesome shots and fun.

The little monkies are playfull and very fast, I was happy to see the result of a quickly taken shot materialise so quickly

As animals are behind bars of removed quite a distance from us humans, the below pictures are longer distance zoom shots (think 10-20 meters max) have a closer look especially with the tropical bird who looks at you like Joe Pesci in “Goodfellas”

So to conclude, I did enjoy myself that day in the Zoo of Antwerp, Belgium. I only had my FZ-82 with me, which turned out to be the perfect camera.

That is it from me this time, I know a short one. More to come !

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