Photography Bargains: Used Canon EOS 700D and Two Lenses

As you probably know I am a big Lumix user and fan. That said I realised lately that one of the reasons I am a fan of the Lumix cameras is because I have them from day one. In terms of cameras I really only have Lumix as a reference. That needed to change. So I set out to buy either Canon or Nikkon DSLR camera.

I didn’t really want to buy a new one as it would prove too pricey. So I checked the internet found a few things, but I guess I am an old fashioned type of guy. I need to see it and hold it. So I paid the local pawnshop a visit. I’d only noticed it a week ago! I love those kinda shops to be honest. Bargain Hunting!

Two hours later I left the pawnshop with the following (see pictures below) and what are not included in the pics below: Camera bag and two canon batteries (including charger obviously) total price…. EUR300 which I was willing to spend

One I came home I was excited and wanted to try this baby out, which I did. It happens to be Carnaval down where I live. Carnaval packs a few things I like: people, loads of colours and a huge parade which is the ideal moment to test out the 75-300mm and EOS 700D Camera.

So below are some of the results! My first impression when shooting with the D700 is that the body is heavier than any of the three lumixs I have (DMC-LX100 | G-7 | DC-FZ82). Once I mounted the 75-300 zoom lens (480 grams) I noticed a few things:

  • The grip: If I compare it with the DC-FZ82 and the G-7, the DC-FZ82 is the clear winner with the G-7 coming in secondplace. The EOS 700D has a decent grip yet I really felt that it is was little on the small side for (I have big hands)
  • The 75-300mm lens really does an excellent job (the EOS 700D and DC-FZ82 are both packing 18mp sensors). I found that the manual focus would take some time, whilst auto worked quickly and flawlessly. I’d say compared with the DC-FZ82 which carries an inbody 1200mm lens I would prefer the D700 with the 300mm lens, despite its carry on weight. The pictures are better in quality and the autofocus is much faster. With the DC-FZ82 on the other hand because of the 60 times optical zoom you can really capture shots from a greater distance

Here are the shots I was referring too:


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