Lumix Lens Review: Low Light with the Panasonic 25mm F/1.7 ASHP

It has been some time since I last shared my blog. Mainly work getting in the way and a lack of photo opportunities.

Since I am a novice or beginner at photography I am slowly getting things together. When I bought the Lumix G-7, I did flirt with the Canon EoS700D (read it here), quickly I decide to remain true to my first choice of system camera’s.

Over the past month I have bought Lumix (Micro Four Third) Lenses:

  • The Lumix 25mm F/1,7 ASHP
  • The Panasonic 45mm-150mm F/4.0-5.6

In this post I’ll share a small review on my first experiences with the Lumix 25mm lens. For those not shooting with Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds it is important to know that the 25mm MFT is the equivalent of a Nikon or Canon 50mm.

It is much smaller in reality 🙂

Having received the lens, it was much bigger than I anticipated it, the be honest. The price when compared to other alternatives is fair between € 150-€200 new.

I decided to immediately put it to good use. In the evening, on bridge overlooking at dual road. A better set up you can’t wish for. My goal was to shoot the famous long shutter exposures creating long blurred lines. I did it before with the Kit-Lens (12mm-60mm) that came with the G-7. The result far from satisfying and leaving me very disappointed (see the pics here). I know now that my expectations were all wrong. Expecting a 12mm/60mm with the highest f/ stop being at f/3.5 wasn’t that realistic.

This time I was very hopeful and decided to shoot. I put the camera on manual mode [M] button. Put the shutterspeed on 30 seconds, f/13.0, adjusted the ISO to 100. And started. Obviously you need a tripod to keep the camera stable 🙂

First Shot: F/1.7 – 1/50- ISO3200

I quick discovered the wide angle lens performed well in low light (remember this is without flash or any additional light source except the natural lights). It impressed me. Now time for the tripod to be adjusted, the manual mode to be programmed and let the body and lens do the work!

ƒ/13 – 30s-ISO 100

I like the result in terms of quality. There isn’t much blur or pixelating in the background as you clearly see with the 12-60mm kit. Without any additional light source I am pretty impressed by what you get from the lens.

I decided to walk home and take some pictures on the go, without any flash just the natural light.

For a simple enthusiast like yours truly the 25mm (MFT) really is a good addition. I will test it further in portrait photography as I expect it do well and obviously landscape photography.

Below are some more stills I took that evening.

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