Lumix G-7: Beach Photography with a 25mm and a 45-150mm

I am not what happened but the weather Gods over in Western Europe have been very kind this Easter, near summer temperatures. People going of to the beach. Well I couldn’t stay behind. It was the perfect occasion to test the 25mm lens during day light and the 45-150mm for telezoom shots.

Admittedly walking around on an a half empty beach being sunflooded with no wind… The Netherlands almost becomes paradise, if I might say so.

I dediced to go to the Dutch town of Vlissingen – many New Yorkers know it as a part of their city: Flushing- it is a sea side town in the South-West of the Netherlands in the province of Zeeland (Ever wondered where New Zealand’s name came from?)

I came out of the train station, wanting to rent a bike only to find out that it was Sunday afterall and on top it Easter Sunday. All shops closed, so walking it was. And boy did I walk, 22km over the entire day. That said..

Love the blossoms and the color of the garage door. The owner of the B&B came outside to share her admiration for the smells and colors. Too bad you can’t smell the blossom. Shot with 25mm (hence Bokeh)

I tried to be in Vlissingen as early as I possibly could as I wanted to have as much morning light as possible. After a 30 minute walk finally arrived at the beach head to encounter this…

oddly shaped rocket that looks like it walked away from a Tin-Tin comic. Shot with the 25mm (micro four thirds)
No it is not bamboo growing at the sea side, but a bizarre field of steel pipes next to the Tin Tin rocket… It does make a cool sight doesn’t it (25mm obviously)

Of the cool things about being on a beach and one of the reasons I went is that you can really experiment with vanishing points and the entire space. The concept of framing is one thing I am still trying to come to grips with as is the ISO value to choice. That said I believe I did manage to pull a few good shots of

This was actually an unintentional shot as the two kids walked into the shot.
It is just screams “Freedom” doesn’t it.
I think I have shot this particular scene 200 times and I can’t make it work… grrr frustrating when it doesn’t work, no need to hold it back though
I saw it immediately, a potentially awesome shot, but so hard to get it right and I am still not sure I did get it right, you see I ain’t very good with colors in general

Some of the above I just like to share, but my favo is the last below. Beachy feeling isn’t

Those two are having a grand old time!

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