Lumix Street Photography Scottish Independence Glasgow March 2019

Having read that Scotland is one of the best places for nature, landscape and urban (decay) and street photography I took my chances, booked a flight and went.

As it turned out I had hit gold as on the 4th of May 2019 the Scottish Independence March was organised. It’s organizer Manny Singh is at the time of writing being charged (read more here)

By the way this post is all about street photography with the Independence March as the setting. It is not a politically motivated post. Just wanted to make that clear.

Back to the photography part. I came packing with my Lumix G-7 packing the 25mm f/1.7 (Micro Four Thirds) and the 45mm-150mm (Micro Four Thirds). I consciously chose the 25mm as it is a brilliant little lens that can handle the wide-angle and the close ups that I sometimes take. After that afternoon I can officially share that the 25mm is my little favorite from now on for events with the 45-150 a good second.

I wanted to capture the spirit of the Independence March and the people that were walking in it. My best I will share as individual stills, the normal ones in a gallery..

So here we go

A street vendor selling flags just before the March started, for only £3 and they say Scots are mean. I love the various tartan motives.
The March saw various different Scottish political views march hand-in-hand.
A passionate young Scottish boy
The Independence March is best described by the expressions on both these gentlemen’s faces.
Famous Words Uttered By WestMinster about Scotland: Not Big Enough, Not Rich Enough, Not Smart Enough. How to insult an entire nation in 6 words.
Various Scottish Generations in One Shot
The Glaswegian Red Bricks, permanent reference of a city that once lead the Industrial Revolution and Scottish Flag. I love the setting in this shot
Blue and White everywhere

Glasgow is a city full of expressive and strong personalities I have tried to capture a few in the best way I could.

My favorite shot of the after is of the Scotsman below. He stood there peacefully and quietly admiring the number of people, like him, marching for independence. The shot is unedited.

This shot appeals to me as it speaks to me. The man in the picture didn’t object, he just nodded, not uttering a word

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