Lumix Landscape and Nature Photography around Loch Lomond

As I stated in my previous post Scotland is a place where I really like being and love shooting stills. The previous post was all about Scottish people and the possible Scottish Independence, an ideal opportunity for street photography which I think worked out well.

Today’s post will feature some shot on the road to, from and around Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond and its surrounding are not solely great for photography, it is great for outdoor activities. I have to admit though that the weather Gods were very kind which I think benefited the overall quality of the stills. I think about 85% of all my stills were shot with the Lumix 25mm-f/1.7, a lens that is slowly become my favo lens for shooting. Mind you it is a Micro Four Thirds lens so on conventional cameras it is the equivalent of a 50mm lens

Taken from a hill about 20 meters height, clearly visible is Loch Lomond. Thick overcast, yet sunrays are breaking through. Love the panorama. The wide and openness of the country sight
I love this shot, for multiple reasons; the trees itself, the color and the hills on the background. The tree reminds me a bit of the cover of the epic U2 album “The Joshua Tree”
As spring is coming the Blue Bells will start to show themselves in huge numbers
Funny thing is that the Blue Bells grow in the shade of trees or bushes once exposed to the sun the can’t seem to blossom as this picture show very well if you look at the right center of the shot.
One of the great or challenge things in Scotland is, that the weather circumstances change quickly as does the natural light, so I tried to be as aware as I could, put the camera on custom settings and just shot and hoped for the best. This shot is great despite the contrasting of the clouds in the center of the frame.
Just before I took the above shot I was trying to capture the “blue mist” that you see once you are entering the meadows and forestry. In real life it looks for more impressive and captivating than the shots I am sharing.
What you notice walking around Loch Lomond is the fact that most tree you’ll find laying around have been unearthed by mother nature herself not mankind, which made me realise the sheer force and power of mother nature in this part of the world. the tree picture is a good 3-4 meeters, with a thick diameters and very strong roots.
As you can see these trees have big strong roots on the surface, covered in forest moss and blue bells. I like the various types of structure and contrast in this still.
A dessert boat on the banks of the Loch. Always has something nostalgic about it.
I tried to capture a “Macro Shot” with the 25mm lens, which it did surprisingly well. A do have a developing fascination for deep close ups of plant life in forests.

Even if you are into photography and like me only recently started with photography I can really recommend Scotland as it is has everything you really need: massive panoramas, great wildlife, loads of different types of natural light, great whiskey distilleries, friendly people and did you know that from the Scottish Western Coast you can actually see the Northern Lights, which means that you don’t have to fly to Iceland, which is a spectacularly beautiful country but extortionately expensive.

That is it for me today! Thanks for reading and having a look at my pictures!

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