Photography Gear I Use

My Main Gear For Photography consist of the following camera, lenses, backpack, tripod & other accessories I use for my nature & outdoor photography. I really discovered over the past 3 years that I love being outdoors hiking or biking and taking pictures, below I have listed the gear that I really use and not all the gear I bought and found out that it wasn’t what I was looking for or simply never used it.

Camera : Sony A7III : full frame and I love this camera! From the grip to the features it really works for me!

Lenses: I have consolidated all my various lenses and needs into four lenses I use

Other Critical Gear:

  • Tripod & Monopod-in-1: Geekoto Tripod for Tall Folks mono & tripod that extends to 199cm (!)
  • Gimbal Head For Telephoto Lenses: Neewer Professional Gimbal Head for heavy telephoto lenses. Easy to mount on your mono-or tripod and for wildlife or sports photography makes a massive difference to your image and your photography
  • Telescopic Seat: JUPIO SEATTEX it looks like a landmine but it is a great cone like seat for your outdoor activities and can carry upwards 150kg. Ideal for people who fish too.

Outdoor Video Recording For YouTube Channel

As I am not an aspiring filmmaker I really love the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 as it is light and very reliable

Camera Bag.

I like to travel as light as possible hence I normally don’t carry more than 2 lenses with me, afteral I can only use one as a time right? It took me a long time and about 4 different camera bags before I finally settled down on one camera bag that suits my needs. It should be able to carry one telephoto lens and one other lens (multipurpose or wide angle), one camera body, a tripod and gimbal head (for the Sigma 150-600). I want the tripod mounted in the centre of the back of the bag, not on the side. And always carry a little telescopic seat with me (it looks like a landmine). I normally either hike or bike when I am out for photography so comfort of the bag in combination with the design really matters to me.

So I finally found a great camera bag that suits all my needs

  • Think Tank Walker Pro. It is not cheap but I can highly recommend it
  • Jupio SEATTEX 45: Light and can hold up a 150kg. Ideal for bird photography and gives you a nice point to have a rest and take a cup of tea

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